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 I am an Ordained Minister, life coach and  a Learning Shaman & Druid. My guides have told me it is who I am and I was born with the magic inside of me.....So with that comes the gifts of an Empath and a psychic/ medium/ clairvoyant/ & healer.  I read by using multiple clairs (hear by telepathy, sense, feel, see, know) .. Most of the time I am able to read inklings into a past life or two and offer flower totems as well.... I run a grief site that helps people connect to their loved ones who are in spirit. I try to do all I can to ease broken hearts by giving healing messages to those in need...I will continue to learn and grow and will offer more once I do. 


 I offer Medium readings (aka gatherings) by channeling your loved ones who reside in heaven and Psychic readings by using tarot /guidance cards...I try to give the most accurate healing connection possible and readings usually last an hour or more....sometimes I am able to give a past life and flower totem as well......I do believe that not every spiritual advisor is able to connect with every spirit, people or object. Spirits have different energy and are harder to hear and feel.. and if that happens It is my belief that another light worker is meant to become available to you instead... If I am not able to read for you or you are not satisfied with your reading I will offer a refund...Contact me and Ask about Soul paintings..its a reading in a painting..full of your loved ones soul... Met the love of your life? I can marry you we can work out those details..***Offering a special deal for Valued Customers its called the Wolf Pack..  Wolf Pack 1 includes 3 mediumship/Psychic readings in a 30 day period and Wolf Pack 2 includes 5 /Psychic or Mediumship readings in a 30 day period. ***Contact me today to schedule an appt. If you refer anyone to me and they receive a reading you will get a 10% dicount on your next reading......(I am having an issues with the payment button...Please contact me at Facebook for prices for now and how to pay.)......30 mins Mediumship or Psychic-$25.... 45 mins Mediumship or Psychic $35... Mediumship  or Psychic 1 hour-$50, Wolf Pack 1- $120, Wolf Pack 2-$220, Flower Totem-$5, Past Life-$13, Soul Painting-$21,Arch Angel  Card reading-$5 ...Psychic Readings sometimes include Tarot cards all readings go on a time limit with the prices above....  I also do in depth Astrology charts-$40- Also offering LOVE READINGS...Ever wonder if you have met your soulmate? Will you meet the one? Have you met or will you meet your Twin flame? Will your relationship last? These are all questions many of you have..lets see if  I can find the answers..$25....Contact me for a Love reading! 

Ever wonder who you guide is? Animal guide? Or want a meeting with your loved one? I can take you on a journey to meet any of the above...its $10....and guaranteed to change your life...

Specials: Psychic Circles...its like Skype but instead with Google circle...we have 5 people including me and we have a psychic party..it is $15 to join...message me on Facebook for details.

(My guides are really pushing this issue with me )...If you have an Appointment with me for anything please make your payment to paypal gentleheartreadings@hotmail.com..... in order to keep your day and time slot...this assures me that you are serious and your appt will be kept. Because I prepare for your readings and take time out for us to connect...and then if for some reason u can't make that appt let me know ahead of time and we can always reschedule but no matter what you will get your readings.....thank you...Namaste!

Paypal- gentleheartreadings@hotmail.com

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 I make candles for the memory of your loved one- http://memoryflames.yolasite.com/

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Disclaimer: "For Entertainment Purposes Only...I will not be held Liable for any wrong information also I am not a Dr... here to solve cases or give advice professionally" You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion.


I want to say I had the best day I sought out wolfspirit foot a few days ago I was drawn to her don't know y at this time until today I lost my 15 yr old son three months ago he came to me in a dream with signs I didn't know so I sought answers here and was led to a beautiful soul that my son sent me to to give me answers that only I would understand and it was great and beautiful and he's with me always and I will cherish my reading and new journey with my new friend love and light" -- Lisa Belsha

I have to say you brought me peace! Loves talking with you about Jared and you nailed everything! You are a miracle on earth!" -- Tyler Jester

"You helped me out a lot tonight. Every reference was dead one, and I always had a validation for it. You are amazing, if someone else says otherwise ignore them. You have a beautiful gift to share. You are an angel among us."--Monica Sitz Foster 

"Thank you Wolf Spiritfoot's Gentleheart Readingsfor always accurately and graciously connected my little londyn and myself..little did you know londy and i will be next to you for eternity and we are forever grateful for what you do for us..when my pain is unbearable,you always know how to comfort me and believe more how my little girl is and always be next to me..we love and adore you"--Londyn's Legacy 

" I need so say thank you with all my heart for giving me that inspiring reading last night, you are an amazing soul. You are more gifted than you realize. You Do have the gift of connecting with animals. you always said you are not able to, but you know last night YOU DID. I could feel your excitement when you when you were seeing things coming from my Tina. things I even forgot about like her drinking water from my water bottle cap... you connected with the things she liked . I was happy to learn she liked the bling I bought for her and you knew it was her leash. and her always licking me . i would let her lick the back of my hand almost every night until she fell asleep. she was taking care of me . but when you mentioned the treats i explained they were recalled by the FDA for causing death in dogs and some cats, Wagon Train chicken jerky treats .. made in china Tina loved them of course, they had her addicted When i stopped giving them to her she did not understand why. I guess by mentioning them to u makes me think she understands now that was the beginning of her kidney problems. when you finished this part of my reading i sent you a photo for validation .THEN what you were able to describe to me in complete..Then i have to say with certainty the way you read the cards for me was accurate, organized, and hit home more than you know, I understand better about my past. you saw enough to help me with the now "--Cindy Johnston Loram

"Just want to say thank you so much. The reading was so helpful and I was glad I got to laugh again. You reminded me of so many very good times and what an amazing young man my son is even in death he has a joy about him. your connection to him was too cool I know is his a pain and wasn't going to let you go till I knew everything he wanted me to to at this time. Thank you so much Wolf Spiritfoot's Gentleheart Readings"--Lynne Ellen Sevey-Patterson

Angela Dawn Bright Gray Today's reading was beautiful. Wolf Spiritfoot's Gentleheart Readings was very generous with her time and detailed in her explanations. 
Each spirit is individual and may send visions or say words that do not make sense to us in the physical world but, she was able to discuss things with me to help bring about an understanding. 
There were also lovely messages shared that I can pass along to other family members! 
Highly recommend! Thank you!

Stormee Moon Thank you Wolf Spiritfoot's Gentleheart Readings for that awesome past lives reading! You were spot on! The reading helped me so much by understanding how those past lives are very clearly coming through in to this one! Things make so much sense now! Thank you thank you thank you!! 

 DorcieJean Clementsposted to Wolf Spiritfoot's Gentleheart Readings
Ty, Rachelle, Wolf Spiritfoot's Gentleheart Readings for such an amazing day yesterday! My brother has been gone since 1992 and I had wanted to contact him through out the years but was waiting for the right person, which was you! You allowed/brought so much joy into my heart with communicating with my brother and I. I am excited to another one with you next week to contact one of my best friends! Once again thank you so much!!!

DorcieJean Clements--Ty, for another great morning this time with my Best friend Tina! Amazing to start out with the Cherry Tree but I would not have excepted anything different from her! Also, so glad that she brought my Old Man Thorr thru for me!!! Dogs are our family as well!! I want to let you know Rach, Wolf Spiritfoot's Gentleheart Readings you are amazing, loving, caring gentle soul!! I am so very thankful that my brother brought you to me!! Also, very glad that we are developing our own friendship! ((Hugs)) BTW, here is the white fluffy little dog ~ What confused me was that Miss Tina (dog) is not little anymore...But as you can see in pic of Tina & MIss Tina's...She is little puppy, white and fluffy! (I named Miss Tina after Tina and Tina was so happy & honored!!)

Heather Benado: I just received the most amazing reading. First off there was so much information in it. There was also so much validation, there were only a couple of points out of 70 observations that didn't hit home and we hadn't even gotten to the Tarot cards yet! When we got to the cards it just validated everything she had observed prior to the tarot reading. Also confirmed by a 2nd deck of Heaven tarot cards. It truly was amazing. I got answers to questions I didn't even think to ask. My niece who passed 25 years ago she gave me the circumstances of her death which no one in the family knows, she gave me specifics. I got validation from my husband who suddenly passed 11 months ago. She also confirmed, as did both tarot, some information I received 5 months ago that I will have another significant relationship in my life, something that I hadn't even fathomed before and didn't believe when told before. I do believe it now. I got my private, personal reading from Rachelle Lapham. I did not want one from this wonderful site, I wanted something more confidential and that is exactly what I got. It was an intimate reading of my life, details of which I didn't want to share. If you ever get the opportunity to get a private reading from Rachelle DO IT! Definitely worth your time and effort.

Denise PlaazoWolf Spiritfoot's Gentleheart Readin

I had an awesume reading done by Wolf Spiritfoot's Gentleheart Readingstoday...She connected with My Son, Aaron, his amazing spirit shine through to her giving me validations...one after another from the begining til I had to go to work...She picked up names, months, numbers and so many wonderful messages straight from Aarons Spirit, letting me know he s around me all the time...naming past memories to present happenings around me...some validations were octagon...just yesterday i was looking online at octagon shaped hand drums....naming a few books Ive read to him as a child in bed, hanzel and gretel and red riding hood...Describing my dogs toys and validating that he moved them...wasnt my dog cause he was on leash...number 19 was significant cause it was my dogs birthday 19 this month big deal he turned 14 yrs old...she mention great dane im like huh?? then it dawned on me my neighbor 3 doors down has like 3 big great danes...she validating that he was with me that day we walked by them...they were scarey...growling and stuff...she validated that he s with me all the time by saying peas carrots...realizing i just made soup a few days ago...lots of fresh veggies and chicken with homemade egg noodles...there were so many more and it was so great to share my kind hearted spirited son with Rachelle Thank hun, it was a delight to hear from My Angel, Aaron Hugs and ...Here is a pic of my Son, she connected to, whom has passed 13 yrs ago to leukemia at the age of 12 years...Bless Your Heart Rachelle, Dee Platz , Mom of an Angel 

Carla Dominguez I have now idea from where I should start...... Everybody knows that the american dream includes become a homeowner, thing that I've being trying for a while..... One day I requested a reading from Rachelle asking her why was so hard for me to finalize the process, her answer was "Because you are looking at the wrong place". At that moment I was in shock, butRachelle started to describe a place, she spoke about colors, street, names and numbers. Everything was so weird to me because the place wasn't familiar to me, but Rachelle said to me "in 2 days a person with name "Z" will talk to you about this place" ..... Im kinda skeptical and I said to me "Another one telling me about time" I gave Rachelle the benefits of the doubt WELL let me tell you that 2 days after the reading my realtor , that her last name start with "Z" sent me an email offering me the place that Rachelle described during the reading.

I was amazed, the place was exactly the way that Rachelle said. The whole process went so smooth, and everything happened the way I was told by Rachelle

During the process I got readings once in a while, always Rachelle was accurate about time frame and about description. On my last reading reading Rachelle said to me "Im seeing February 1st" ... I said to her: "I have now idea the date does not make sense to me" .... Let me tell you .... I'll be in my new house by February 1st. 

Rachelle .... Thank you so much for all your help, Thank you for being so accurate, Thank you for being there when I needed a reading. 

I hope that every client that get a reading from Rachelle be as satisfied as me.